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Some Random Political Quick Hits

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Some Random Political Quick Hits

Too tired to offer up any real substantive content this morning.  So, instead, you get something akin to my own cynical version of Political Cornflakes. :)

John Swallow’s getting away with it.

Wake up Utah GOP.  This guy’s not leaving of his own accord.  You wait for the official results of investigations at your peril.  I hope you’re all still quietly working behind the scenes and haven’t just decided to let the guy finish out his term and lose at convention.  Because that would just be sad.

Caucus system and Mike Lee.

Paul Rolly put out an article today on how Mike Lee is the compelling reason to change Utah’s candidate nominating system.  I’m far from a raving fan of either one.  As to my views on the caucus system, just ask Dan Burton at PubliusOnline — we’ve gone the rounds on this one more than once.  Mike Lee?  Well, he’s been in office almost 3 years now, and what’s he done?  Come on, think of something . . . I dare you.

I’d like to replace Mike Lee.  And I’d like to change the caucus system.  But it’s never a good idea to change a system in response to an electoral result.  In 2012, Tea Partiers learned, much to their distress, that they were not the only ones with power to game the caucus system.  Whatever changes we make to the ways candidates are chosen in Utah should be about voter participation and engagement, not about results.

Tired of the crazy legislature meme.

Our legislature is conservative.  Really conservative.  But count me as one who’s getting tired of hearing that they’re all “bat-s***” crazy.  In fact, if you put aside the constitutional carry bill (HB76, or whatever the number was), this year’s legislature was pretty darn moderate . . . especially by recent standards.  Over and over I hear Utah’s liberals trotting out example after example of legislation that went nowhere as proof of how nutso our representatives are.  Sorry, I just don’t see it right now.  I’ve been as willing as anyone to call out what I see as silly in our elected representatives.  And I haven’t seen much of it lately.  While there’s more I’d like to see them do, of course, our current legislators are, on the whole, doing a fine job.


Well, we’re coming down to it now.  Or are we?  Will it be fully implemented in 2014?  And what will it do?  Aside from turning the USA into Russia/fulfilling the promises of liberty and justice for all nobody really seems to know.  Though we are all positive that Obamacare will “eliminate pre-existing conditions” . . . which is political-speak for “prevent insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.”

I think there will be a lot of buyers remorse on Obamacare, which, from what we can tell, seems to be terribly designed and shabbily implemented.  Unfortunately, the GOP has yet to articulate an alternative vision, so it appears we’ll twist in the wind for a time before beginning the debate over full national health.  Ughh.

At least the Obamacare preparation consultants will have their moment in the sun prolonged . . . .

Supreme Court.

There’s lots of cool, important stuff going on up there right now.  And very little intelligent commentary about it.  More to come.  Whether what comes is intelligent or not, well, that’s obviously up to you to decide.

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is an attorney practicing commercial litigation, non-profit law, and intellectual property law in Utah at his firm Bentley Briggs & Lynch. In his spare time, he attempts to impersonate a jazz pianist, gardens, and dodges rattlesnakes and stirs up other trouble while running on Utah's amazing trails.

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  • Daniel Burton

    Word. What do you think about some of the ideas to update the caucus system? Make it more accessible? Or even virtual?